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5 Weather Apps That Will Make Your Summer Worthwhile

Smartphones are handy devices that allow you to do so many things. It is a device that you don’t only use for texting and calling. It has features that go beyond communication. The smartphone has become a useful device because of its applications. There are a lot of applications available and they have different purposes. As summer comes near, smartphone users should download weather applications. These 5 weather apps can give you useful information that can help you plan your summer.

1. Get the latest surfing forecast with MagicSeaweed

If you are into surfing, then this app is definitely one that you should have on your smartphone. This application gives you a surfing forecast of over 2,500 beaches around the world. Planning your surfing gig with this app is easy. You can get information about surf height, star rating, swell height, swell period, swell direction, wind strength, wind direction and temperature.

2. Accurate weather forecasts by AccuWeather


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Another free application that is available for smartphones is AccuWeather. This app gives you local weather updates and forecasts. It also gives you an idea on weather changes in over 3 million locations in the globe. It is a remarkable app with a very simple interface that can give you weather data such as humidity, visibility, sunrise, sunset and wind speed.

3. Protect yourself from the summer heat with SunSafe

One of the reasons that you may be attracted to summer is that it is the best time to get tanned. However, too much exposure to the sun rays can result to unwanted burns. Know more about the safest time to get under the sun by using the SunSafe app. It helps you identify the right time to go sun bathing and also determines the amount of UV light in your location.

4. Know what to wear with Swackett App

Changes in weather may be hard to predict. Predicting the weather will help you prepare the right gear and right clothes. The Swackett app can definitely give you a helping hand. It advises you whether you should wear a sweater, jacket or coat.

5. Amazing Weather HD app for Windows

The Windows software has a few greats app available compared to the Android and iOS. However, the Amazing Weather HD app for Windows is a great app built for this software that is certainly as good as those available on other platforms. It is a wonderful app that will give you hourly weather updates and warnings with satellite images.


Weather Smiles updated with support for wide tiles

Making your summer fun requires you to plan carefully. These 5 apps can help you plan for your summer and make the most out of the hot season. So don’t forget to add these apps to your phone. You’ve waited for summer all year long. You better enjoy it while it’s here.

Are You Unconsciously Repelling A Possible Partner? Here’s How To Find Out

You don’t get it. It seems like you’ve already done everything in your power just to get yourself in a serious relationship. So you stare at yourself in the mirror. You’ve done everything you’ve been told—by the book or otherwise. What on earth could you be doing wrong?


Well, lucky for you, we no longer live in the stone ages. Now finding out questions from the trivial to the most personal will only take you a few clicks on the keyboard. And guess what? Today you are going to find out in what way you are repelling possible partners, and how to avoid doing them. You may realize that these are things that you’re not even aware of, so keep on reading to find out what they are.

You’re not Taking Care Of Yourself the Way You Should


Are You Unconsciously Repelling A Possible Partner?

You may think you’re the whole package, but if you’re not giving importance to your personal hygiene the way you’re supposed to, then that won’t get you far with whoever it is you’re crushing on. And you know what? If you keep on going this way, then that’s all they are going to be for you—eye candy. But hey, no one’s really asking too much from you, are they? You just have to stay clean and smell fresh the way most humans do. Keep your hair in check, and don’t get too used to not washing it for days in a row. Nobody ever liked greasy hair, and nobody ever will.

You’re too Full of Yourself

To exhude confidence is one thing, but to be overconfident with just about everything is another. Remember ladies and gentlemen, nobody ever got hurt at trying to keep a little bit of mystery and humility around them. On the contrary, it just made them all the more desirable. So the next time you’re thinking that everybody in the room is admiring the way you look, the way you walk, the way you talk, or the way you dress, that’s probably just the alcohol (or your ego!) talking.

Angry couple.

Are You Unconsciously Repelling A Possible Partner?

Pretending you’re Someone you’re Not

Before you start thinking there’s anything wrong with yourself—stop because that simply isn’t true. You’re probably just being too hard on yourself. So whether you’re out on a date or with a bunch of people, don’t forget to act normal. And when we say normal, we mean try to relax, enjoy the moment, and be yourself. There’s no sense in trying to impress someone who’s probably just as nervous as you are. Once they find out you’re fake, you’re only going to end up in the middle of a very embarrassing situation.

There you go folks. Three things you need to stop doing if you really want your next relationship to last more than your usual “few weeks” or “couple of months.” And remember, your sense of humor is golden. Don’t ever leave home without it. Good luck!

3 Ways To Treat Menopausal Symptoms Naturally

Literally, menopause is the end of a woman’s monthly cycle or monthly period so to speak. It is the halt of her fertile days of womanhood. Generally, menopause occurs during early 40’s or late 50’s of a woman’s age. And naturally, every menopausal comes with transition effects which are noticeable in some aspects of a woman’s daily activities. These bodily effects can stay up to 10 years but not exceeding 10 years. Menopausal symptoms could largely affect a woman’s attitude, mood, sleeping pattern and memory. It is at this point that a natural remedy is basically needed to ease effects and manage menopausal lightly.

1. Change your lifestyle. If you’re used to have vices or been frequently going out and coming home at the middle of the night, it would better to say that those things would have to be changed. Firstly, a healthy lifestyle must be seen at the food you eat. Calories intake for one should be limited because as you get older you are much prone to sickness and diseases unlike those times when you were young. Also, smoking and drinking should eventually stop. This would increase your menopausal symptoms so it would help if you would stay away from them.


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2. Treating deficiencies. Mostly at the middle age stage, nutrient deficiency would often come up during menopausal period. It is because estrogen are already hindered from being produced and low level of estrogen means insufficient calcium in the body which can result to back pain and other bone matters. Low levels of calcium can be treated naturally or medically. The natural way to get vitamin D is through sunlight. You can soak in the mild morning sun everyday not later than 9 in the morning to combat this deficiency.

3. St. John’s Wort. St. John’s Wort is a kind of plant species that are widely known to treat depression. It is widely used in Europe to treat PMS and menopausal mood swings. According to Wikipedia, the mechanism of action of St. John’s wort is due to the inhibition of reuptake of certain neurotransmitters. Since then the extract of this herbal medicine is distributed and commonly available over the counter in almost all the countries though there are some that still required prescription. St. John’s Wort is also available in tablet, capsules, teabags, and tinctures which are which are all applicable for children and adolescents.


Natural Ways To Treat Menopause Symptoms

Menopausal in women should not be feared since its effects only affect 20% of all women. It is generally distinguished with mood swings and mild depression. And if it does not affect the quality of life that you have, you could always naturally deal with it in so many ways. What is essential during menopausal is to stay healthy between mind, body, and soul.

3 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Your Mortgage Faster

Owning a home can be very expensive. This will put you in a situation where you will be facing a big debt. In fact, getting a mortgage loan to be able to buy your house is perhaps the biggest debt you will ever have in your whole life. You will not only pay the principal amount that you have loaned on a monthly basis, but you will also have to pay the interests, tax, and insurance. This can take a toll on you financially. Here are three ways to solve and get rid of your mortgage faster to put your mind at peace:

1. Get a biweekly mortgage arrangement

Most of the time, paying the mortgage is done monthly. However, there is also the so-called biweekly payment. This means that instead of paying monthly, you are going to pay once every two weeks. This is a good method to end your mortgage faster. You are going to pay twice a month, sometimes three since there are months that have 5 weeks. This also gives you the flexibility of paying half the monthly price. It prevents you from using the money on other expenses while you are waiting for the scheduled payment of your mortgage.

2. Pay more than the required amount

Another great way to cut off your mortgage debt is by paying more than the required amount. Extra payment made to cover for the principal is beneficial for you. The more you tackle the principal, the lesser the interest will become once your debt is recomputed. Ask your bank though what their policies are when it comes to paying more every month. Make sure these extra payments are deducted to your principal and check if you do not have to pay for prepayment.


ways to pay off your mortgage early

3. Use extra money to pay your mortgage

Unexpected money is money that comes without you expecting it. This can be a birthday cheque, an unexpected raise, or a bonus. Don’t spend this money on other things, but instead pay it to get rid of your mortgage. As mentioned earlier, the more money your pay to cover your principal loan, the lesser your monthly payments will become. You are not only cutting off the principal amount by using this money, but you will also decrease the interest applied to your loan.


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Getting a mortgage is the secret to owning a house even if you don’t have sufficient funds for it yet. Being smart with how you pay your mortgage can help you get rid of the debt faster. Be sure to make use of these methods so you do not have to seek the help of a financial planner and end up spending more. You can always use that extra money on the mortgage itself.

Best Kept Secrets For Funding Your Small Business

When raising money for business, the four Fs, family, friends, founders and the fools might come first into your mind. And of course, there is the traditional entrepreneurs’ way of startup, seeking out a loan from a bank or use credit cards to fund the business. But these are not the only methods available for you.

Out of the box ideas

There are techniques that shrewd businessmen do to raise money for their business and these are totally out of the box:

(1) Seek out funds from your competitor or complimentary vendor

Yes, unbelievable. How can you ask someone who will lose a great deal if you succeed in your business? Well, you can’t. That is, you are not really going to ask your direct competitor for money or help you to raise fund but someone in your industry who is indirectly your competitor, often bigger than your business, and will benefit if your business really set off. Of course, you don’t ask for loan from them but rather help you in some way so that you can raise money. Same goes with your complimentary vendor. You can negotiate with them and strike a deal that will make them help you out to raise funds.

(2) Seek out funds from your employees


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Yes, you heard it right. You can raise funds from your employees if you have one. The ESOP or the Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a motivational technique for employees to really work their best for a company. This is because they are given an ownership of a company, this instance, yours. This is often granted with no cost. However, you can have some cash infusion for this as equity like reduced compensation for a stock.

Slowly and surely methods

Now, if you are not this kind of entrepreneur, you don’t really have to bang yourself to the wall too much just so you talk your competitor to help you out or your employees to invest on your company. This is most especially if you don’t have employees to strike a deal with. So you can go to a long and winded path of raising funds:

(1) Master the art of savings and checking

Save, you can hear enough of it. It is best not to go into a business if you don’t have to cash to start it up. And if your income is solely as being an employee, then you better save and learn checking.

(2) Sell assets you don’t need

If you have assets that are just not in use or you have no plans for like land or house then you can sell them. You can even do some garage sale or make use of websites such as ebay to sell your stuff.

(3) Make use of your retirement fund


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You can actually make use of your retirement fund to invest for your business. You can have an early retirement fund withdrawal especially if your retirement fund is not enough to help you retire later in your life comfortably. Why not consider an early retirement and use this fund to raise money for your business.

(4) Have some odd jobs to save money

If your salary is just enough to make both ends meet, then earn some extra money from odd jobs to save them.

As they say, there are a lot of ways to achieve something such as raising funds for your business. All it takes is a good plan and the persistence to do it.